For the Pinterest boards we needed one for self, one for society and another for networking.

Self: For the self board I found images that I liked, and added my own photographs, because I believe we are made up of everything that we surround ourselves with. For example, family and friends, and the things we enjoy.

Society: For this board, I put pictures of what I think my society is like now, and what I wished it could be like.

Networking: For the networking board, I put links to all the websites and other jobs I have done. Including flyers and business cards I have designed.

Then I linked the Pinterest boards to the specific page on my WordPress blog.

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Window Project

For the window project, I mainly used Anne Friedbergs book “The Virtual Window”. In which she states that ‘We know the world by what we see: through a window, in a frame, on a screen.’ I interpret this as we can see things through any of these, it just depends how we look through them. So I decided to take a picture of my iPad, laptop, and phone. Then placed the picture onto my iPad and put it in front of my face then stood in front of the TV. I chose to use this imagery, because I think it sums up the window project well. There is so many ‘windows’ available to us that we can often get over run with them, but if we use them correctly we can open ourselves to lots of oppurtunities.

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Self Portrait

For my self portrait I looked into different self portrait artists. I pinned these on my pinterest board for self.

I firstly used a silhouette, and put pictures of the important people in my life into it, using Adobe Photoshop but after looking at it, I decided I wanted to do something different because I didn’t believe it was the best I could do.

I remembered a couple of YouTube projects I had seen, A Day In The Life and Draw My Life. A Day In The Life is literally where people a camera round for the day and recorded what they did for the day then edited it into an hour or less of footage.

Draw My Life is where people would use a whiteboard or lots of paper to draw a timeline of their life and narrate over the top of it.

I chose to recreate Draw My Life and use my own life, because then it would be an accurate representation of my life and people would be able to see my past present and future all in one place. To do this, I brought a whiteboard and marker pen and recorded myself drawing my life. I then placed it into Sony Vegas 9.0 and then recorded myself narrating and placed the sound file over the recording of my drawing. I then saved it as a .wav file and uploaded it to YouTube. Finally I embedded it into my WordPress blog, on the page dedicated to Self Portrait.



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This was a lucky shot really. I was walking down the harbour with my boyfriend, and decided this view would make a lovely picture.

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Fire edit

I really like the edit I did for this. I was experimenting with taking pictures of fire, and when I was looking through them I decided to add a texture over the top.

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Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

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Making of: Podcast

To make the podcast I first looked into the background of“YouNow is a live social television platform, combining elements of reality TV  and social games, it is programmed by users.  YouNow allows anyone to broadcast,  via mobile or webcam, be judged by a live audience, and earn fame and social  equity.”  (

Basically the website works, by letting you broadcast and people vote you up or down, each minute you are ‘live’. If you get more likes than dislikes at the end of the minute, you get to stay on for another minute. There are many different ‘rooms’ you can broadcast in. For example, the most popular are ‘Youtubers’, ‘VIP’, and ‘Fizzy’.

I then worked on my own case study after realising that people that were attractive or generally showed more flesh managed to stay on for a longer amount of time. Once I had finished this, I incorporated it into the script of my podcast.

Then using a Dictaphone I borrowed from the college, I recorded my podcast and exported it to the computer. Next I imported this into soundcloud and shared it into my WordPress blog.


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